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A very warm welcome. This site contains explanations of the mysteries of Twin Peaks, MP3 music, many pictures, symbols, poems, quotes, guides, scripts, actorslists, interviews, David Lynch info, links and much more.

For persons who never heard of Twin Peaks, I advise you to read the "Introduction" pages to get a first impression of TP.

May 21 2017:
Enjoy everyone, tonight season 3 premiere!

News (october 6 2014):
OMG guys!!!!!!!! IT is happening again!!! Twin Peaks Season 3 is coming. David Lynch has just announced it!

News (october 9 2011):
We just moved to a new server to keep this classic website up and running! :) Added some pagination to the guestbook and improved the performance of the website a bit. Twin Peaks Forever!

News (march 4 2011):
Hello all! Wow an update after 3 years =) This website is 15 years old now! And still the same old design :) It uses frames, I am even surprised browsers still accept this nowadays! Anyway I came across a quite nice blog about David Lynch in general and some Twin Peaks material. Links to youtube video's are hilarious.

News (21 feb 2008):
The gold dvd box is out from Twin Peaks. I just bought it and the quality is amazing. You can buy it on amazon. Lynch approved the color balance to match the first season which didn't got re-re-mastered. The bonus disc got a cool video of David Lynch sitting in a bar and characters are coming to drink and smoke with them, its all like a dream. Very cool style for an interview :) So check it out. Lynch also explains why the second season didn't went how it should be, that the killer shouldn't be exposed and stuff like that due commercial pressure. I hope the Fire Walk with Me gets remastered as well along with the deleted scenes. Many serie characters are into these scenes. Would be great a new release. And last news: I've heard that Angelo Badalamenti is releasing music from the second season, I couldn't get my hands on these. So if anyone knows more about this let me know! :) Have fun.

News (1 jan 2004):
Happy new year everyone. I am as well waiting for the season 2 DVD release, but I also don't know when it will be released. Though there are many rumours that it will be released in 2004, I have a feeling that it won't be released at all, because of the lack of intrests. There are some fake releases of 8 DVD's with all the episodes on Ebay. But I am totally not sure about that quality. The season1 is remastered and everything, this release is not an official one by Lynch. Okay, well have fun and try keeping TP alive!

News (2 july 2002):
Hello everyone, this is something a year old which I found in an interview with david lynch, read! really.

What is your new movie 'Mulholland Drive' about? LYNCH "I got the idea for 'Mulholland Drive' when I was working on 'Twin Peaks'. The managers of ABC asked me to think of a brand-new television series, which could compete with series as 'Friends' and 'ER' from arch-enemy NBC. I considered 'Mulholland Drive' the ideal title for a television series: it sounds very mysterious, just like 'Lost Highway'. It's about a very old and long road which contains a lot of legends and mysterious stories. I showed them a trial-episode, but they fired it: they thougt it was too slow, too dark and too gloomy. And that settled the matter.

"A year ago I picked up the idea again and now I have made a full movie out of it. I am very satisfied with it, but I still think it is a pity that I wasn't allowed to make television-series of 'Mulholland Drive'. Maybe I should very seriously reconsider the continuation of 'Twin Peaks'..."

You've heared that? Is that cool or not!? A big maybe! But who know... :)

News (14 oct 2001):

This is not a joke! It's a very funny way to get our stuff! :)

News (1 oct 2001):
Thank God, Allah or BOB for the great news that Twin Peaks Series will be on DVD!
Go to Amazon and pre order! So that the rest of the series will also be published!

Pre-Order Today!

News (11 sep 2001):
My sympathy goes out to all people who lost their friends and lovers this day. But also goes out to all the people every day who loose someone.

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Twin Peaks:
Where we´re from the birds sing a song and there´s always music in the air. Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to Twin Peaks. This is my favorite series on television. Twin Peaks is created by David Lynch and Mark Frost. Directed by Lynch. Twin Peaks is a mystery to everybody, It´s like the X-Files, but only much better, more humor and more realistic.

Scott Gazzard: Like all good thrillers/drama/sci-fi, Twin Peaks took fact and blended it seamlessly with fiction, so that it's not clear where one begins and the other ends. But Twin Peaks went so far beyond other shows in so many ways. The depth of the writing was/is apparently unfathomable - the TV series' hook "Who killed Laura Palmer" was only the tip of an iceberg. In fact, the whole series was the tip of an iceberg. Laura Palmer was the just tip of the tip, the pointer to a much deeper, darker world. By the time you get to the murky depths of Fire Walk With Me you come to realize just how deep and dark the Twin Peaks universe really is.

Twin Peaks broke ground in characterization, writing, plot development, and toyed with just about every convention in its direction. It deconstructed the notion of the All-American, sweet-as-cherry-pie, innocent country town, and introduced quirky characters and plot lines that sometimes (superficially, at least) barely made sense within themselves - let alone in the broader context of the entire series! Without Twin Peaks, there would be no Northern Exposure, no Picket Fences, no X-Files (shudder), and no American Gothic.

I think the fact that people are still trying to understand the secrets of Twin Peaks is a testament to its depth. On the newsgroups, you can often find postings of the latest theory attempting to unravel the true mysteries behind the show, like for example this. Warning: if you haven't yet seen the series, this site may contain information that you don't want to read!!

This TwinPeaks Site is a sort place where you can find the best info which I found. I hate it there are so many sites and pages which have many the same info. I am just collecting the best stuff on the net. On this Site you DON´T find much info on 1 little detail but just a little info on almost every detail ;=) Almost all things are RE- Indexed to my style of pages, but some text is just copied (WITH permission). Sometimes when I think the site is OK, I just have a link to that in this frame. Please mail me (tps NOSPAM if you want to copy something. I always try to give credit when I get something.

  1. I like to thanx Scott Gazzard for lot of info, directly copied to my pages. He has a real good info which you can read on this site. (Guys, it´s not stolen, I have his permission, I am just collecting the most interesting stuff on the net about TP.) Scott has great ideas and explanations about TP, that's why I dedicated the explanation section to him. I mostly agree to his idea's, but sometimes I explained my idea's.
  2. I like to thank Mike Dunn for the good Lynch Info and ofcourse the pictures! (I think that almost everyone got the pictures from there *smile* ) Further he's a great guy which is in this TP Site thing for years! Support him! :)
  3. I like to thank all the fans of Twin Peaks who are still supporting the TP scene on the Internet. Thanx it works!
  4. David Lynch and Mark Frost for their fantastic and unforgettable work
  5. All the Twin Peaks Studios fans for the love and support.

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